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Is a System Information tool that gathers detailed information about your system
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SIW (System Information for Windows) is a tool that displays detailed information about the characteristics, properties and settings of our PC. The data appears classified in three big groups, Software, Hardware and Network. Within each of them there are several sections that specify details about the processor, motherboard, printer, operating system, video drivers, libraries, shared folders, IP address, etc.

Within the Software group you will find detailed information about: Operating System, Updates, System Directories, Installed Programs, Applications, Security, Licenses, System Files, Accessibility, Environment, Regional Settings, File Associations, Running Processes, Loaded DLLs, Drivers, NT Services, NT Pipes, Autorun, Browser Helper Objects, Scheduled Tasks, Databases, Audio and Video Codecs, Shared DLLs, ActiveX, Shell Extensions, Open Files, Groups and Users, Protected Files, Event Viewer, and Secrets.

Within the Hardware group you will be able to see detailed information about: Mother Board, BIOS, CPU Info, Memory, Sensors, Devices, PCI, System Slots, Network Adapters, Video, Storage Devices, Logical Disks, Ports, Battery, and Printers.

Within the Network Group you will find detailed information about: Open Ports, Shares, RAS Connections, and others.

SIW will also has extra features that could be very useful. For example, Eureka! will help you to reveal any password area. You have to drag the magnifying glass where the password is and in the Eureka's window will be shown the information.

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